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Transforming parent-teacher communication

A parent-teacher engagement platform that allows the real-time exchange of information efficiently, securely and effortlessly.


Parents and teachers are the ultimate learning and support team for the children. And, when their communication is working, children do well. makes parent-teacher communication effortless and more transactional. offers a robust channel for sharing information about students - performance, attendance, behaviour and emergencies. 

Get involved in education and school experiences of your child with ease.

Parents can now involve more effectively and comfortably in the teaching process wherever they are with

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Connect with parents effectively for better education outcomes

Teachers can collaborate with parents more efficiently and effortlessly with

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Seamless integration. integrates and works seamlessly with learning management system, school management system and other school softwares. Our API based integration end points can be used effortlessly to syncronise data without losing integrity.

Communication on the go.


With you can send snackable, transactional messages real-time. The text, video and audio options enable you to connect at your convenience from mobile and desktop devices.

Collaborate for success. allow teachers to start chat groups to bring parents together for events, to share academic updates and new initiatives. It provides a seamless group calling and messaging feature that can easily handle 100 + concurrent users.


Keep the conversion private. efficiently handles relationship data by syncronising with the school systems. Unlike generic messaging apps, is developed for academic purpose.


Connect with ease. is a progressive web app and requires zero installation. It works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices like an app. 

Share what matters. supports multiple document formats including PDFs, images, text, audio and video. Whether it is one-to-one or a group, share information without any hassle and fast.




The idea struck post the Seddon earthquake 2013. During an event like an earthquake, parents are concerned about their children's safety and expect quick updates from the school or the teacher. In our research, we learned that parental anxiety is common in almost all the communities and  that teachers struggle with work overload and teaching commitments.


Parents and teachers find it challenging to engage in improving the child's performance. We realised that there is a need for a fast, easy, and reliable communication solution for parents and teachers.

OUR TEAM is an initiative by Numbers NZ Limited, a tech start-up that intends to bring novel technology solutions to edu-tech industry.


Numbers NZ was co-founded by Vinay Varma and Vijay Varma, both techies with over a decade of IT experience. Vinay was a consultant for Blackboard in the US for seven years where he managed Blackboard implementation in various academic institutions. He was a senior project manager with Datacom, Wellington before venturing out with


Vijay is a Scrum Master with extensive experience in product development and project management. Vijay has worked with Bupa Australia and Jetstar Australia.

TECHNOLOGY is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which works seamlessly with the school management system and learning management system. The end-user interface is a progressive web application enabling the users to access it on smartphones and PCs.




What does this App actually do? provides an online platform for teachers and parents to meet and share useful information about children in a controlled environment.

How is the app different?

Current communication tools at schools are not real-time and often serves as an address book. reduces the clutter, makes communication easy and convenient. 

Will this app add more workload?

No, The details of parents and students are at your fingertip. It replaces lengthy emails and reduces the hassle of conducting physical meetings with parents. With the same hours, you spent a week for a meeting, you can meet more parents.

Will there be charges to use the app?

Our motto is to make this platform available for all.


The platform with basic features is for free. The paid version with more features is priced based on the size of the school. The cost is distributed among the users.

Do I have to install an App?

It is a progressive web application (PWA). This enables the users to use it on smartphones and PCs without any installation.

How often is the app updated?

App will have regular updates. Being a progressive web app, users does not have to worry about updates. The app gets updates automatically.


Tel: (+64) 020 4SB CHAT
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KBlock, Te Ōhaka
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Christchurch, NZ


# 41B, Asoka Mandiram
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